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To all my Sisters in the Group *SIMPLE WISDOM FOR WOMEN ASPIRING GREATNESS* 1. *A WISE WOMAN HAS SECRETS* You can’t be too naked with your love, social or spiritual life and expect dignity. Not everyone should know what you are going through. Be a self-contained lady. 2. *A WISE WOMAN HAS SURPRISES* There is beauty in a surprise. Don’t run around announcing things that are not yet….. It only destroys their beauty. And when they fail you will suffer unnecessary shame. Be a self-controlled lady. 3. *A WISE WOMAN IS UNPREDICTABLE* People should know there is both yes and no in your mouth. Your moves and words shouldn’t be too obvious. Be a deep lady 4. *A WISE WOMAN HAS A FEW BUT MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS* You can’t be a friend to everyone and have focus. You can’t be the organiser in every social activity and be a productive woman. Love all but a close friend of a few! 5. *A WISE WOMAN DOES LESS OF GIRLS TALK* You can’t have too much talk and work at the same time. Cheap talks only lead to empty gossips! A gossiping woman is a shallow woman. 6. *A WISE WOMAN HAS TIME FOR HERSELF* You can’t understand yourself better until you create time for yourself. Create time to see your weaknesses and work on them. Have time for self correction lady 7. *A WISE WOMAN INTERACTS WITH GOD* You cannot have the highest level of wisdom until you interact with its source. *Give God time lady!!* God bless all the beautiful women here…. for reading and sharing with other women too. 😀😀😀 #Tsebaya

A loving 75 per cent of men would describe their partner as their best friend – however only 65 percent of women would say the same ‘Small acts of affection or meaningful gestures count for a lot but it’s also important to have time away from the everyday to rekindle the romance and enjoy quality time together.’ Erin Johnson, UK & Ireland Marketing Director of Carnival Cruise Line, which carried out the research, added: ‘We understand how important it is for couples to take a break from the daily grind and enjoy some quality time together.’ A fifth (21 per cent) of those who have children also mentioned that they’d love to have a bit of alone time with their other half when on holiday, especially when more than a third (36 per cent) say their kids are the most topical point of conversation – feelings and money also accounted for 59 per cent of the conversation topics. WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT FROM A PARTNER 1. Makes you feel safe (66 percent) 2. Completely trusts you (62 percent) 3. Truly appreciates everything you do (59 percent) 4. Is a good laugh (51 percent) 5. Says ‘I love you’ when he feels it (50 percent) 6. Sees you as equal in everything (47 percent) 7. Surprises you from time to time (43 percent) 8. Gives you space (40 percent) 9. Tells you you’re beautiful (39 percent) 10. Never forgets birthdays or anniversaries (38 percent) 11. Is not too needy or insecure (33 percent) 12. Wants to be with you more than his friends (32 percent) 13. Always cleans up after himself (32 percent) 14. Respects your privacy (31 percent) 15. Is a 50/50 parent (31 percent) 16. Is happy for you to spend time with girlfriends (29 percent) 17. Gets as excited about holidays as you do (28 percent) 18. Always puts the bins out (28 percent) 19. Never looks through your phone or emails (27 percent) 20. Thinks you are the bees knees (26 percent) 21. Makes an effort with your friends (25 percent) 22. Laughs at your jokes (24 percent) 23. Watches rubbish TV with you (24 percent) 24. Doesn’t check out women in the street (23 percent) 25. Makes you coffee in the morning (22 percent) 26. Wants sex more than once a week (22 percent) 27. Likes your cooking better than his mums (17 percent) 28. Loves your mum (14 percent) 29. Doesn’t ‘like’ random women’s pictures on social media (14 percent) 30. Never leaves the car without petrol (12 percent)

If we Remove sex frm relationship u will discover that most of we ladies have nortin to offer in relationships…. Remove money frm a relationship and u will discover that over 90% won’t see a reason to be in a relationship… we wnt our Men to take care of us but we add no value to their life other than sex and troubles …lets change our mindset, lets Learn to be valuable in a relationship… lets pray for them while they are down… Motivate them to hustle harder..give them listening ears,lets give them reasonable advice,lets play a role of a mother in their life.

Oh sister the society and media are wolves working day and night to corrupt you they want you to be just another body to look at for perverted men outside they teach you that beauty is from outside only while beauty is the beauty of the heart and the soul.. They corrupted you to think that hijab is opression and backward or only a culture while hijab is your protection and something Allah honored you to preserve you like a precious diamond not available to any random eyes… They hate the fact that you are strong enough to not obey them and be their slave and trust me sister if you are not a slave of Allah your creator who only him can protect you then you are slave of something else.. #islam #women #quran #hadith #sunnah #reality #hijab #niqab #jilbab #hijabi #allah #truth #hijaber #muslimah #muslim #muslims #musulmane #Algerian #palestine #Algeria #hijabista #SouthAfrica

The Angels these beautiful creatures that Allah created with such a beauty… They were made from light and have more than 2 wings like mentionned in Quran… The prophet pbuh saw angel jibreel and he described him to have 600 wings and that he was so huge that he covered the whole horizon which caused the prophet pbuh to faint subhan Allah.. They accompany us during our life and sometimes they even love us , when Allah loves a servant he calls on angel jibreel and ask him to love him also and angel jibreel start to love him and jibreel calls on all the angels in the heavens and ask them to love that servant Allah loved and all the angels love that slave and know his name and that slave became famous in the skies subhan Allah 😭.. Angels never disobeyed Allah they were created without free will unlike us and the jinns they don’t have that option because they were created for a purpose which is to serve Allah …which invalidate the concept that shaiytan/satan was a fallen angel the word it self fallen angel don’t exist it can’t be! Angels don’t have free will or temptations and desires…. Angels fighted with the prophet pbuh during the battle of badr and supported the believers… The angels decend every day on fajr and on Asr time and report to Allah what we are doing (and he is most knowing of it).. The angels are so huge that it was said that one of the angels who hold the throne of Allah the distance between his earlobe and shoulder is of 700 years of walking!!!.. The angels will also die before the day of judgement and will come back to life after and the angel of death will be the last to die.. Peace be upon them all ❤️

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