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Oh sister the society and media are wolves working day and night to corrupt you they want you to be just another body to look at for perverted men outside they teach you that beauty is from outside only while beauty is the beauty of the heart and the soul.. They corrupted you to think that hijab is opression and backward or only a culture while hijab is your protection and something Allah honored you to preserve you like a precious diamond not available to any random eyes… They hate the fact that you are strong enough to not obey them and be their slave and trust me sister if you are not a slave of Allah your creator who only him can protect you then you are slave of something else.. #islam #women #quran #hadith #sunnah #reality #hijab #niqab #jilbab #hijabi #allah #truth #hijaber #muslimah #muslim #muslims #musulmane #Algerian #palestine #Algeria #hijabista #SouthAfrica

The Angels these beautiful creatures that Allah created with such a beauty… They were made from light and have more than 2 wings like mentionned in Quran… The prophet pbuh saw angel jibreel and he described him to have 600 wings and that he was so huge that he covered the whole horizon which caused the prophet pbuh to faint subhan Allah.. They accompany us during our life and sometimes they even love us , when Allah loves a servant he calls on angel jibreel and ask him to love him also and angel jibreel start to love him and jibreel calls on all the angels in the heavens and ask them to love that servant Allah loved and all the angels love that slave and know his name and that slave became famous in the skies subhan Allah 😭.. Angels never disobeyed Allah they were created without free will unlike us and the jinns they don’t have that option because they were created for a purpose which is to serve Allah …which invalidate the concept that shaiytan/satan was a fallen angel the word it self fallen angel don’t exist it can’t be! Angels don’t have free will or temptations and desires…. Angels fighted with the prophet pbuh during the battle of badr and supported the believers… The angels decend every day on fajr and on Asr time and report to Allah what we are doing (and he is most knowing of it).. The angels are so huge that it was said that one of the angels who hold the throne of Allah the distance between his earlobe and shoulder is of 700 years of walking!!!.. The angels will also die before the day of judgement and will come back to life after and the angel of death will be the last to die.. Peace be upon them all ❤️

Crush…….someone you like,find attractive,fantasize about,etc . But did you know that all the people you crush for in the world are nothing compared to the one above? Crushing on strangers is a waste of feelings because it ends there or babdly, meaning if a person you crush for would know they your crush? He/she will use you and realize that there time you wasted blinded fold you because of lust. Crush is just another word meaning Lust. Reply with your feedback and let me know about your thoughts about this article #Tsebaya

Relationship always start with good expectations, we never always want break up, sometimes went wrong base on what not expected, if you’re reading this, I don’t know what really going on your mine now, I know sometimes relationship full of up and down. You have to be strong in every situation of life. When you’re considering ending your relationship think about this simple 5 things.  1. What could you be LOSING if you left this relationship? Identify what you most FEAR if you were to walk away. (Is it comfort, companionship, security, control, money, or self-worth) Be truthful and feel free to express it even if it doesn’t look pretty. 2. What could you be GAINING if you left this relationship? (Is it freedom, peace, discovery of self, happiness, and connection with the people you love, passions and interest, wisdom, love?) Why is it so important that you feel these? 3. Is it that you both can’t seem to get it together? 4. Is there a lack of passion?  5. Can’t this relationship be fix back? 

Husband:- I am sorry that you lost the baby after we have both waited for 5 years without a child. Wife:- Why me? Today was supposed be the happiest day of my life. I carried my baby in the womb for 9 month. I had so many sleepless nights, i was sick all the time but when its time to reap the fruit of my labour, my fruit withered and died. I am finished! Husband:- You are a strong woman, I have accepted fate, I will love you forever. Our day of joy has been changed to a day of sadness but God is in control You are my wife and I will stand by you forever, you sacrificed your life to see us happy, I will make sure happiness never depart from our home. 1. I pray to all that reading this, you will not carry your 9 months pregnancy for nothing, may you not lose your baby to the cold hands of death. You will never bury your children. You will never experience still birth. May your children bring you joy. 2. To all pregnant women, may you deliver your child like women of Hebrew, may you not labor in vain. Death will never be your portion. 3. To all those seeking for the fruit of the womb, receive your baby now! Type Amen or you can ignore if you don’t need this prayer. Share this story to encourage and pray for those who are going through this type of situation. Remain blessed. Please like our page for more stories.

‘Two Grade 10 girls needed money for taxi fare recently and gave in to sugar daddies. This troubles me as a woman in KZN. When youngsters under 16 are targeted by sugar daddies, this is paedophilia,’ Ntuli told the Zululand Observer. ‘We believe the youth need to talk about how both young girls and guys are being sexually abused by older members of society through transactional sex. Ben10s refer to young boys who are enticed by older women boasting financial security and used for sexual favours. The phenomena of sugar daddies and Ben10s represent a myriad of issues the youth are facing today and therefore we are hosting Youth Speak Out Sessions throughout the country to address these challenges.’ Drop The uThungulu District, which in 2011 had one of the highest teenage pregnancy occurances in the country, said figures had ‘dropped considerably’ over the past two years as a result of proactive campaigns. ‘In 2011, we noted an increase of pupils being impregnated by older men,’ said uThungulu Education District Director, David Chonco. ‘We visited different municipalities targeting parents, teachers and pupils. The support of parents, the business sector and community is essential to ensure there is discipline and awareness. With the help of police, we no longer see truancy and pupils disappearing into bushes or loitering in towns. Parents are responsible for the discipline of their child.’

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